Virtual Workspace

Business Virtual Smartphone

Get a secure business phone without having to buy one

OS systems are targets for hackers.
Keep business data safe in our isolated, defense system.

Secure Environment

Organizations can secure any device that accesses their corporate network by separating corporate and personal data environments.

Virtual Storage

Keep business data and customers isolated in secure encrypted storage, thereby never allowing it to be shared with competitors or outside organizations.

User Privacy

Employees can rest easy knowing that their personal apps, contacts, and messages cannot be accessed by managers.

Work data isn’t stored on the phone, preventing it from being stolen

We present users with a truly unique experience– we let them simply use a workspace app within their own devices with separate content. Allowing them to organize & personalize as they see fit. 

Whereas companies, can maintain granular app-level access control that users can’t modify or download company data

It’s Win-Win for both your company & employees

Protect the company’s reputation and customer base by migrating workspaces from one device to another with just a click. 

Reduce security costs with the ability to remotely delete all business data without touching employee’s private data or contacts.

No more unprofessional blunders

Separate between the corporate and personal data using different runtime environments and phone lines. 

If a user sends a private message, it can’t be accidentally shared to any business contacts and groups. Preventing future professional indiscretions. Likewise, confidential data stays within the organization.

Encourage a Work- Life Balance

Provide your entire team with a self-contained, highly secure, centrally-managed, virtual work smartphone that can be installed in any device, eliminating the need for a second device or SIM



Enable a simple onboarding process with seamless access to business apps, while segregating private apps.



Your sales team can access customers’ contacts info while their personal contacts are exclusively theirs.


Phone Lines

Admins can assign up to 5 assign proprietary phone numbers. Even if an employee leaves, you have control of it.

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