Teamwork & Communications

Unified Secured Communication

Keep your entire enterprise connected.
Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Keep your team connected & more productive than ever imagined

Easy Remote Work

Clear communication is key with remote employees. Ensure better team collaboration with a dedicated work phone for all their communication needs

Reduced Security Risks

Minimize security threats and business information exposure by having multiple solutions united in your secure virtual workspace

Drive Customers’ Loyalty

With faster response rates, your customers will become promoters of your company thereby increasing their brand loyalty

Give your team a single reliable, easy-to-use app for calling, messaging, and team collaboration


Multiple phone numbers in one account

Seamlessly & securely connect your employees around the world. We allow each user to have up to 5 international phone lines at a fraction of the cost of regular SMS and call charges.

Calls Recording

Keep your team accountable and assess your customer service. You have the option to record calls for employees like sales and customer support reps. Giving you the power to evaluate their quality and efficiency


Safe & Free Communication Tools

It can be easy to find yourself out of the loop when your employees are physically far away.  

Expand your internal team communications with free services like  Push-To-Talk (PTT) and chatroom, which supports text, image and audio file transfers.

Secure File Sharing

Feel secure that all files transferred are protected within our network and cannot be exposed to unwanted competitors or partners. Giving you the power to evaluate their quality and efficiency

Your most precious asset - your customers – will always stay within the company

Upload, add and import all your business contacts to a new employee’s phone with just a click. Reversely, take control of your contacts by removing them from unwanted devices in an instant. 

Never again, lose your business contacts and protect them from being shared with your competitors

Cubed Mobile Named a 2019 Gartner “Cool Vendor in Communications Service Provider Business Operations“

Access to multiple carrier options in a single dashboard

Save your business money and streamline your on communication expenses with Cubed Mobile. 

In this international marketplace, your workforce is spread in various countries. You will never again have to deal with the hassle of multiple telecom companies in each region. With our one vendor approach,  we take all the difficulties on us, you just pick the phone lines you need. 

optimize & secure
your communications expenses


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Control your employees performance to ensure customer satisfaction. Recover missed opportunities that previously would have been lost.


Free Internal Communication

Forget about paying for calls and SMS within your team and focus on what is important. All internal communications are free of charge.


Cheap external calls

We already negotiated with local phone providers to find the lowest pricing for you, so you can minimize your communication budget.

See All That Cubed Mobile Has To Offer

Virtual Workspace

Separate an employee’s phone into 2

Give each team and employee a separate, virtual workspace

Enterprise Mobility Management

Secure Remote Work for All Your Team

Control & Manage all your employees mobile devices in one place

On-Demand Webinar

Sensitive Data Exposure on Android & iOS

Learn about the common weaknesses every business should be aware of

Empower Your Team With a Secure Mobile Workspace

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