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How to Solve the Dilemma of Mobile Device Management in BYOD-World

BYOD saves your money,
but doesn’t save you from risks

Bring-Your-Own-Device policies lower a company’s budget on buying work smartphones for employees, the support and training for the device, and even the telecommunication costs. And more importantly, BYOD increases productivity and innovation among workers, while keeping employees happy since they don’t have to joggle 2 phones.

But, it risks that their unsecure phones can become a victim of cyber attacks, malwares, viruses and even data breaches.
MDM can provide full control, but not your employees’ loyalty
Mobile Device Management solutions solve the disadvantages of BYOD and give employers unlimited control over all mobile devices.
Unfortunately, this also means that the employer has full responsibility for the maintenance, overhead, and cost of all personal devices. Also, due to the lack of personal privacy, only a handful of employees will enroll their phones to the MDM.
Let’s talk cold hard cash
With BYOD, companies save an estimated $3,150 per employee per year, according to a recent study released by Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group.*
The average price for an MDM solution starts from just $100 000 per year, and most companies can’t afford such a hefty price tag. In some cases, the only reason an MDM used is for in-house application distribution, which is an exorbitant cost for such a simple task.

*This is based on device costs, data plans, and $1,518 per employee per year in associated time savings.

Better Security

Securely protect the company’s data, apps, and contacts

Inviolable Privacy for Users

Never interrupt employee’s personal space & time

Affordable Price

Manage any device for only $6.90 per user

Seamless Implementation

Saves your entire team time = saves your money

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