Easy Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform

Easy Mobile Device Management Platform

Empower your employees with a secure business phone without having to buy one

Secure & oversee your enterprise and SMB mobile devices with Cubed Mobile

Create a highly secure, separate environment on any mobile phone.

Control access, configurations and wipe data remotely.

Your choice of apps, features and a SIMless phone-line in a unified mobile workspace.

Seamlessly integrates with popular communication platforms.

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Available For Android & iOS

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Create a Free workspace for up to 5 users | No credit card needed

Strengthen security, smooth communication coordination, and ease management of BYOD with a new approach to the MDM ecosystem

Enterprise Mobility Management

Create workspaces with different settings, apps and access-rights based on user parameters. Anytime you can remotely backup, restore and wipe entire workspaces immediately. 

Secured Communication

Turn any phone into a Unified secured Communication hub with a variety of tools ranging from instant messaging, group chats, video calls, file sharing, Push-to-Talk.

Enterprise Virtual Smartphone

Secure Apps

Manage your own application store, define which iOS/Android apps to pre-install, and create white/black lists.

Multiple Phone Lines

Provide your team with free Calls & SMS's within the organization, and external low-cost communications - with prepaid credits.

Personalized Settings

Let your employees to set personal look-and-feel style and work schedules: where and when the environment should be accessible.

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Create a Free workspace for up to 5 users | No credit card needed