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Mobile device management critical in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. Organizations must secure any device that can access the corporate network. MDM allows the company to choose what applications and data can be accessible on the employees’ personal mobile devices manages the permissible connectivity, such as private Wi-Fi v. public. 

Before implementing an MDM system, you need to be aware of a few considerations: 

  • If the device, lost, stolen, or hacked, the company – in its quest to secure its corporate network – will wipe out the phone, completely deleting the individual’s personal life
  • Contacts can be intermingled, so an employee can
    • Bring his corporate contacts to a new employer
    • Accidentally send inappropriate content to corporate clients
  • Devices are limited two only two SIMs, which means that companies with international clients can only serve customers in two countries

Taking a new approach to MDM, Cubed Mobile has created a separate, highly secured app that contains a complete corporate workspace and SIMless unified communications system that protects all the corporate data while ensuring the employee’s “personal” side of the device is untouched.

Start-ups already have significant expenses: IT infrastructure, real estate, personnel, etc. Buying individual mobile devices  (plus maintenance and upgrade costs) for each employee would incur another major expense. By default, most employees in the organization are already using their personal devices, so BYOD policies should be put in place immediately.

Furthermore, if startups disregard mobile security, they are putting the business at significant risk before it has even gotten on the ground. If a threat actor accesses an employees’ mobile device, it gives them access to the crown jewels of the organization – including the startups’ intellectual property.

Startups don’t have enough IT staff, limited budgets, and not enough resources to accomplish all of the “traditional” infrastructure requirements. Cubed Mobile, which delivers a highly secure corporate workspace and unified communications suite a in super app – and takes all of 30 minutes or less to implement – is the ideal solution for startups. 


  • Keeps data isolated in secure encrypted storage
  • Supports remote wipe and activity monitoring
  • Provides conditional network and access control settings
  • Supports calls, chats, push to talk, and call recording
  • Supports multiple phone numbers for various needs
  • Strengthens customer support with easy call forwarding

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Plans & Payments

Cubed Mobile pricing consists of 3 main pricing elements, (1) Monthly user subscription (2) Numbers that the organization added to his account. Also known as DID’s – Direct Inward Dial (3) credit for making calls to any external number globally. The cost varies based on the numbers of users and subscription period. The Total Cost of Ownership is dramatically less than any system that combines all elements.

Up to 5 users is Free of Charge! This allows small teams to use the system freelly and enjoy a secured work environment with the ability to make calls, chats etc.

Yes! It’s free for up to 5 users. Your team will be secured, can communicate with each other freely and you can manage everything from the admin console.

No need to do anything. If you add more than 5 users, you will be asked to enter a payment method and you will be billed from the 5th user onword.  
Call Pricing is based on our super low cost world wide rates. When you call to an outside number, anywhere in the world, the price per minute will be based on the destination country. Important to emphasize that the call quality worldwide is at the highest quality.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Since our service is subscription-based, you can cancel your subscription at any time and just stop using the service. Numbers (DID’s) that have been purchased will be purged back to us and you will just pay until the end of the month. 


You can limit your and your users limit from the admin console management.

You can add as many users to your account and every new user will be added to your monthly bill. If you remove users, your bill will be updated accordingly.

SMS verification is paid by Cubed Mobile system. It does not use your private SMS credit


We at Cubed Mobile DO NOT monitor anything that a user is doing in their private phone. This is the key differentiation from our competitors who needs to monitor the user personal activity in order to protect the company data. We do follow General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR or EU Restrictive Privacy Regulations) and practice rigorous indo security measures.

We are constantly monitoring for phishing attempts, malwares and viruses that are potentially attacking the Cubed Mobile environment.

An application inside Cubed Mobile can be hacked only if the hacker managed to obtain your user name and password. In this rare case, the hacker will only have access to the specific app BUT not to the entire Cubed Mobile environment thereby securing your other apps.

Applications within Cubed Mobile have a unique user ID, which is distinctive to the user id that is commonly used for one’s private app account. Most importantly, the apps appearing inside CM are onlt those which the admin previously approved for use within the organization.

Files in Cubed Mobile are completely separated from the files in your private phone. There is no access to files from CM to private phone and vice versa. Similarly, users cannot make a screenshot of the CM work environment.

No, the Cubed Mobile system and the organization administrator have no access or ability so see any private user data.

Email accounts inside Cubed Mobile are linked to organization network through a secured and monitored data link, making the email account significantly more secure.

Since the Wi-Fi connection, within the Cubed Mobile environment is secured and encrypted. If you connect to a public wifi, your data is safe and cannot be decrypted by hackers.

All information inside of Cubed Mobile is encrypted and hidden, therefore a hacker cannot access this information.

Managing Your Workspace

By assigning users to specific groups, an admin can enable a wide range roles(app permisions) to several users simultaneously (ex. all users cannot access social media apps expect for those in a marketing group). This saves the admin time and effort in setting up Cubed Mobile for their team. Also, by enabling users to be associated to more than one groups, they have access to a variety of permissions.

When associating users to more than one group, sometimes a collision of rules can occur. By prioritizing groups, it allows certain groups permissions to override others (ex. a user is both a part of a management, marketing, and sales group, their management privileges would supersede all others)

You can do it by allowing users to install only app that are in the organisation’s app store.

Compatibility & Data Usage

Yes, you may use it on both desktop and phones. However, currently, we allow access to company materials only through the virtual smartphone. In next version, you will be able to open the same environment in your browser over any device (eg PCs)

Cubed Mobile offers medium to large enterprises, technology which can be easily ported to there private cloud.

Yes, Cubed Mobile works seemlessly with ERP apps.

Yes, you can export your virtual number with ease by using Cubed Mobile.

Yes, if exporting is supported in your country then you can easily transfer the number to Cubed Mobile.

Apps inside Cubed Mobile can run without data connection, you only need data for accessing internet.


In order for your company to start using Cubed Mobile, you must first create an account on our site. Once you have done so, you can send all your employees a direct link to download the app.

Applications in Cubed Mobile use a different user ID , then those same apps running on your private phone. Therefore, you must re-login.

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