Cubed Mobile is honored that Gartner, one of the world’s leading research firms, has selected us as a “Cool Vendor in Communications Service Provider Business Operations.”

Why We’re Honored

Being recognized by Gartner as an important innovator is yet another sign that our comprehensive mobile workforce and unified communications solution addresses critical business needs.

What is Cool about Cubed Mobile?

Cubed Mobile is disruptive because we turn any mobile device into two – one personal, one enterprise. Installed in any device, the app-based system creates complete, secure silos, ensuring protection, communication, and productivity. Not only does it simplify the corporate mobile experience, but it also strengthens the employee’s privacy and assists with work-life balance. The self-contained, centrally managed virtual smartphone can be installed into any device, allowing complete separation between the corporate and personal by using separate runtime environments and phone lines. Combining internal and external communications tools and methods, it supports scenarios ranging from sales or collaboration to helpdesk to rolling support calls.

How does Cubed Mobile do it?

We eliminate the need for a second mobile device by delivering a fully functional self-contained corporate virtual smartphone, complete with SIMless phone lines, apps, a self-service homegrown and external application store, environment and app configurations, access control settings, integrated per-app VPN, and a built-in multipurpose UC suite – all controlled remotely in real-time and deployed in a containerized workspace. Cubed Mobile Management Solution streamlines and automates deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery, and updates with containerization and built-in enterprise-class security. Cubed Mobile provides a unified corporate communication and mobile device management solution for CSPs, MSPs, VARs, and other resellers to offer their SME and SMB customer base, increasing customer satisfaction and stickiness.

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