Your Android Device is in Danger! When there’s a Malware Surge, what do you do?

Worried about cyber security

During the pandemic, ransomware has become especially active and rampant. And to our dismay, there’s an increased degree of risk to Android devices. Find out how to prevent these gruesome attacks and be ahead of malicious hackers.

What has changed?

A new study from Microsoft reveals that a complex strain of Android ransomware has added unique TTP’s to its arsenal. New features include a new ransom system, detection evasion, and an ML component that can be customized for different devices.

What does this mean for me?

This new variety of Android ransomware exhibits strange behavior that hasn’t been seen before. Therefore, paving the way for other malware to attack. Moreover, the capabilities of this malware show that attackers once again bypass technological barriers and find workarounds, sometimes even creative ways to achieve their goals.

Other threats to Android

An even worse vulnerability exists in the Android camera, known as CVE-2020-2234, it allows hackers to take over the victim’s camera and gallery, record video, and gain access to the phone’s geolocation.

COVID-themed ransomware attacks were exposed in Canada earlier this year. Known as CryCryptor, the campaign hijacked the official COVID-19 tracking app for malicious purposes.

And now what I can do to protect myself?

Android malware usually spreads by disguising itself as popular apps, games, or video players. The fastest and easiest way to avoid downloading malicious apps is to make sure that what you download only comes from an official store (Google Play or Apple Stores). But even here, there is no guarantee … All inspection mechanisms can be constantly bypassed by cybercriminals. You can read more about how to use your smartphone in a safer manner here and here.

We offer a solution to save the most valuable information on your device – your work data. After installing the Cubed Mobile service, a secure, secondary environment will be deployed on your smartphone, where you can store your company’s data, install the necessary applications for your employees, and download contacts, files, and media without risking it to online theft.  There is also a secured camera and gallery inside, which are protected and encrypted from invaders. All of this is necessary to create a secure work environment on employees’ smartphones without the risk of leakage and hacking.

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Avalon Siegel

Avalon Siegel

Project manager at Cubed Mobile, who knows everything about time management and tough deadlines

Avalon Siegel

Avalon Siegel

Project manager at Cubed Mobile, who knows everything about time management and tough deadlines

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